Our Services

Newroz Driving School
304- 4750 Arbutus St
Vancouver, BC, V6J  4A4
Tel: 604-729-8126

* We offer in car package of:
* 10 hrs for $ 970.00.
* 5 hrs for $480.00.

* Individual lesson are available for $100 per hr or $140 for 1.5 hr. Road test only car $200. Road test car plus 30 minutes $250. Pick up and drop off depending on time and location.  Cancelling lesson without notice or less than 24 hours will be charge of $40. all prices included GST and home pick up.
* Each lesson consists of 55 minutes practice time. Plus 5 minutes to review your progress.
* You may arrange use of our car for your road test.

For Road Test $200 including 1hr review & pick up and drop off from your home depending on location.
* $160 car plus half hour practice.
* $140 car only no pick up or drop off.

If you want to bring your friend or family member for observation with student permission an extra charge of $35 fee.

If you wish to cancel your lesson appointment you should give a 24 hr notice must be given prior to the appointment. To avoid the fee of late cancellation fee which is $65 before the lesson

If you not satisfied with instruction you received, we will refund you any remaining lesson. Or the cost of what ever left from driving lesson.
For cancellation of road test appointment made by our school. We requires 72 hrs notice or you have to pay cancellation fee to ICBC.

* You can pay by email transfer to:
* markaziz00@gmail.com